Sabrina’s Mile

It is the wish of Sabrina’s family and I am sure of her many, many friends that her name, her achievements and her compassion for others, lives on as a tribute to what made Sabrina so very special.


Sabrina was truly inspired by the true story of Terry Fox, the young Canadian athlete who having lost a leg to cancer, felt inspired to raise $1 million dollars to help children with cancer. His plan was simple: to run 4,500 miles from one side of Canada to the other!   His illness prevented him from completing his epic journey, but he actually ran 3339 miles plus 3107 miles in training, a total of 6,446 miles with one leg and countless artificial ones that broke along the way. Even pneumonia couldn’t stop him. When the pledges were counted, he actually raised $24.7 million dollars, one dollar for every citizen in Canada.

Every year, people run or walk a Mile for Terry and up to last year had raised $658 million dollars in his memory to help children with cancer. Sabrina loved that story and told it many times to inspire others to go the extra mile, just as she always did in life.

So it seems a fitting way to honour Sabrina’s memory by inviting as many people as possible to do a mile for Sabrina on her birthday.

Not everyone can run a marathon, but just about anyone can do a mile. Run, walk, take the dog, wheel a pushchair, and even skateboard whilst playing the violin! Do whatever feels good and that you feel would make Sabrina smile.

Simply follow your heart.