About Sabrina

On the 26th of March, 1982, the world said hello to Sabrina Moccia and as she began her journey through childhood, it quickly became clear that her caring attitude and keen interest in helping others would be an important part of her life. Sabrina’s Mum remembers the day when she heard how Sabrina and her friend had pooled their pocket money to buy chocolates for the lovely ‘older folk’ at the community centre. A hint of the many acts of kindness that would follow. When visitors would call, Sabrina always wanted to stick around and listen to the conversations, often in Italian and her ready smile was always a welcome sight. Sabrina always understood the importance of family.


Like all children and young adults, Sabrina was hit very hard by the sad loss of her Father, Joe and she decided to go on a journey alone to try to make sense of it all. This took her to Italy where she would help make sure people had the very best of times in her role as a holiday rep. There were dark days of course but maybe it is true that to really appreciate the difficulties others face, you have to have faced them yourself. Maybe that is why Sabrina eventually became involved in roles where she could make a real difference in people’s lives including the place she spent her final year or so, working with Shaw Trust. Sabrina always brightened the offices there and filled it with her wonderful voice and laughter. Her compassion shone like a beacon and she became renowned for always going that extra mile. When she spotted one of the customers having difficulty eating an apple, she went out and bought him a soft pasty and seedless grapes and bananas, recognising that with few teeth, these would be easier to manage. She did that on many occasions after that. She didn’t have to; she just did it out of the kindness of her heart and from her own pocket.


When a lovely young lady confided that her dream was to go on The Voice, she set about making this dream happen. Sabrina organised an impromptu ‘concert’ in the meeting room and Stephanie sang so beautifully that everyone there was amazed. Job done? No way! Sabrina then got Stephanie onto local radio where she was interviewed and sang then got her the first live gig. But there was more to come. Sabrina put Stephanie forward for the Voice and took her to Wembley Stadium for the audition!  Although Stephanie didn’t go through to the live show, her confidence had been boosted so much by Sabrina that she was able to say “It’s the BBC’s loss”! Just before Christmas, Sabrina heard of a family that needed food for Christmas so she swung into action, organised travel costs and food but did that extra mile again by finding the young Father a job for the New Year.


You see, Sabrina was a very special person indeed. She cared about others and when people said it couldn’t be done, she got on and did it. Sabrina was a doer. When we lost her, the world seemed like a lonely place for those who loved her and knew her well. That is why Sabrina’s Mile is so important because a special person like her cannot be forgotten. Lives will be changed in her name and let there be no doubt, Sabrina will be smiling in heaven and saying thank you to everyone that helps her charity to make a difference in local lives.


Bless you Sabrina, you are missed, you are loved and you will never be forgotten.